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MS Access

Perth, WA

Comprehensive Services

Before we get into what we can do for you, here are: six ways to improve your Microsoft Access database.

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From our base close to Perth's CBD, we will bring the greatest care and attention to these comprehensive services that are offered to you in relation to MS Access databases:

  • designing and building new databases,
  • converting existing cumbersome spreadsheets into user-friendly databases,
  • enhancing your existing databases,
  • VBA programming, including fixing bugs in your existing software,
  • writing user manuals,
  • creating context-sensitive help systems,
  • producing training videos,
  • delivering training to improve user productivity,
  • helping with database installation,
  • providing ongoing support.

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3 Piece Software Pty Ltd is a Microsoft Partner that has been committed to delivering high-quality databases to business and government clients for over 20 years.

Broad Expertise

The custom databases developed for individual clients have covered a wide variety of applications and industries including: international product shipping, medical registrations, training and certifications, student load planning, equipment parts, document libraries, TV news clips, property leases, surveys, phone usage, travel, financials and more.

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You can be sure that a wealth of experience, plus many well-tested reusable components, will be brought to the design and development of your database.

After building or enhancing your database we will, if required, provide training, user guides and follow-up support to ensure that your users get the maximum benefit from it.

We also have automated tools that can be deployed to streamline the initial installation of your custom database, and subsequent updates (including data migration to the latest version when required).

OSHatWork Confidence

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Our long history of developing and delivering the ready-to-use program OSHatWork®, and training and supporting the many OSHatWork users, should give you confidence that the quality of our work with Microsoft Access is of the highest calibre.

OSHatWork®, is a very large, and complex, multi-user MS Access database (with 400+ tables), designed and built by 3 Piece Software Pty Ltd, and supplied to small, medium and large businesses, and government bodies, around Australia and overseas, for over 20 years.

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Data Storage Options

The data managed by a Microsoft Access application will typically reside in either a Microsoft Access file, or a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Irrespective of the type of data involved, or which database will be used to store it, a methodical and skillfull approach will ensure that we deliver reliable, flexible and maintainable software.

Location and Communication

We are located in North Perth (Western Australia), just 10 minutes from Perth CBD and very close to the business hubs of West Perth, Northbridge, Leederville, Subiaco and Osborne Park.

For clients located outside Perth (or even just to minimise travelling within Perth), meetings can be held via FaceTime, Skype and TeamViewer to gather requirements, demonstrate progress, train users and provide ongoing support.

In Short

The intelligence, analytical abilities and design skills that will be applied to your project will ensure that your requirements, and the structure and detail of your data, are understood and translated into an efficient and effective database.

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Whether you are a small business, or a medium to large sized organisation, please get in touch:

  • if you need some help with MS Access,
  • if you want a database that will be a joy to use,
  • if you need the assistance of a programmer for a while,
  • if you want to use a highly skilled and experienced professional developer with proven ability to deliver.