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Migrate Microsoft Access
to the Cloud (Azure SQL)

(Perth WA consultant)

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Moving your existing Microsoft Access database and frontend to the cloud will make it available on any computer that has an internet connection.

This migration can be achieved via these steps:

  • upsize the Microsoft Access data file to an Azure SQL database;
  • implement appropriate data access permissions for each of the groups of users (e.g. based on their role in the business);
  • modify the MS Access frontend to work with the Azure SQL database;
  • host the MS Access frontend within Azure.

Of course, if you wish, you can go a step further and completely replace the MS Access frontend with a web app and/or native mobile apps but, with the approach described above:

  • you get the fastest and cheapest migration of your existing MS Access application to the cloud, and
  • the interface that your users are familiar with is preserved so there will be minimal re-training required.

Users will still be able to print to a locally attached printer, from the cloud-hosted MS Access frontend.

If you would like to discuss your project with us, please do get in touch.