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3 Piece Software Pty Ltd has been developing and supplying OSHatWork®, and supporting users of this program, for over 20 years.

Business and government users around Australia and overseas can attest to its user-friendliness and comprehensive facilities backed by highly professional and readily available support.

OSHatWork is ideal for businesses or government departments that operate from a single premises. (Windows Remote Desktop can enable shared use from several premises).

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OSHatWork has comprehensive facilities for managing risk, WHS and worker skills (and it will also store staff employment details).

To be more specific, the current version (4.3) handles:

  • audits and inspections,
  • chemicals,
  • hazards and risks,
  • incidents and workers' compensation,
  • health and rehabilitation ("return to work" programmes),
  • representatives (WHS, management, union, etc),
  • worker skills (training, competencies and certifications),
  • worker details (employment period records), and
  • actions (including corrective actions) and reminders.

New versions that deliver new features continue to be regularly released (and all licensees receive these updates at no extra cost).

The forthcoming Version 5 will, in addition to the above, have features for managing:

  • meetings (like staff consultations and toolbox talks, and the follow-up actions from these),
  • events (such as trade shows and socials),
  • equipment certifications, and
  • planned equipment checks and maintenance.

Although OSHatWork is very comprehensive, and of very high quality, the subscription fees are very reasonable. For some organisations it is available free of charge.

More information on OSHatWork is available on the OSHatWork website, and you can also request a free trial there.

If you would like a live demonstration provided to you (over the internet if you're not in Perth), please get in touch.

Product Name, and Trademarks

OSHatWork is also known to users as OSH at Work®, OSH@Work, OHS at Work, or OHS@Work.

The following are trademarks of 3 Piece Software Pty Ltd:

  • Registered trademark: "OSH at Work".
  • Trademark applied for: "OSHatWork".
  • Related, and claimed, but unregistered trademarks: "OSH@Work", "OHS at Work", "OHS@Work".