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Website Development

(Perth WA consultant)

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Do you need a website, a web app, or a native app?

If you're not sure which you need, please read our Data-driven Apps and Web Apps page.

We have built simple static websites (like this one) but, to date, have not ventured into building the frontends of web apps or native apps.

However, as database specialists, we can design and build the database that will sit behind your web app or native app.

We've designed and built some very large databases.

  • The client reference relates to a project in which the database ultimately had more than 800 tables in it!
  • Our OSHatWork® software, that has been in use around Australia for over 20 years, has over 500 tables in its database.

Whether you need a database with 8 tables, or a database with 800 tables, we will apply the same level of care to it's creation.

We would love to discuss your project, so please do get in touch.