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Client Reference

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The following is a transcript of a reference provided by a consulting client for whom a major MS Access project was undertaken in phases spanning several years.

As the Manager of Western Power Training Services WA I engaged Jeremy Bosworth's company to design and develop our training and assessment system database.

Jeremy came to us highly recommended and I was also aware of his excellent work with the off the shelf database application "Training Provider".

He was able to develop a database which is now an integral part of Power Training Services WA's business operation. PTS Training Provider is now used on a daily basis by all members of Power Training Services WA.

Jeremy always listened and responded to our needs, thought outside the box to provide a better product and was always prepared to assist where possible.

He approached the development of the database in a very professional manner both from a technical and project perspective. A very healthy client/developer relationship was established and maintained during the life of the project.

Jeremy and his company come with my highest recommendation and can be relied on to develop a solution to improve your business's effectiveness and service to customers.