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Upsize Microsoft Access
to a Server Database

(Perth WA consultant)

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There are many reasons to upsize a Microsoft Access data file to a server database (such as Azure SQL or SQL Server), including:

  • to allow a new web app, or native apps, to use the data (to either complement or replace an existing MS Access frontend);
  • to provide for the storage of more data than MS Access can effectively handle;
  • to allow for backups to occur while the database is in use (which is something that is not possible with MS Access);
  • to achieve more robust storage, and self-recovery in the event of crashes or communication interruptions;
  • to integrate data access permissions with MS Active Directory;
  • to move some processing to the server to improve frontend performance; etc.

Whatever the reason, we would be happy to help you with this.

Although there are "upsizing wizards" available, we prefer a more careful, methodical and manual approach, because that is the only way to establish a high-quality foundation on which to then refine the existing frontend and, if required, build a new frontend.

A "high quality foundation" means that:

  • the database structure (including tables, fields, rules, indexes and relationships) has been carefully assessed, and modified if necessary;
  • logical, consistent naming conventions have been established and used; and
  • each change that will affect the existing frontend has been documented.

In addition to upsizing the database, we can also:

  • undertake all required MS Access frontend modifications and enhancements;
  • implement appropriate data access permissions; and
  • provide advice on the development of a web app or native app to use in conjunction with the MS Access frontend.

If you would like to move your MS Access application to the cloud, you may like to read our Migrate Microsoft Access to the Cloud (Azure SQL) page.

We would love to discuss your project, so please do get in touch.