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Six Ways To Improve Your
Microsoft Access Database

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Six ways to improve your MS Access database:

  1. Split the application into a frontend (user interface) file and backend (data) file.
  2. In the data file:
    • correctly enforce relationships and "required" fields;
    • apply unique and non-unique indexes appropriately;
    • implement permissions to control what users can do (e.g. read only, or edit too), and what data they can see.
  3. In the user interface file:
    • replace macros with VBA code;
    • have comprehensive error trapping throughout the VBA code so that the application doesn't just crash or freeze when a user does something wrong, or when there is a file access issue on your network;
    • set it to auto repair and compact on close.
  4. Give everyone their own copy of the interface (frontend) file, as a compiled file (accde or mde).
  5. Perform a repair/compact of your data file at least once per week.
  6. Engage us to add features, or to rectify or stabilise your application.

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